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About me

Since graduating from the Canadian College of Massage in 1997, I have worked in various clinical and non-clinical settings around North America.
I adopt a holistic view when it comes to my personal healthcare, which has led me to massage, Ayurveda, yoga, and astrology. These four pillars are the foundation of my personal and professional development, which continue to grow and... 


Trudy Austin

“The best people come into our lives when we don’t try so hard to find them, and so it was with Karen.

I am involved with teaching yoga, movement, biotensegrity, meditation and needed some further help in deepening my explorations. Over the years Ayurveda has been of interest to me...


1. How long are the treatments? Generally, my treatments are anywhere from 90 -120 minutes.

2. How often do you recommend massage? Again, depending on a client’s needs and concerns it could be as much as once a week, or twice a month.


If you have any questions, don't be shy, contact me. I will answer as soon as possible. 

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