Trudy Austin

The best people come into our lives when we don’t try so hard to find them, and so it was with Karen.
I am involved with teaching yoga, movement, biotensegrity, meditation, and needed some further help in deepening my explorations. Over the years Ayurveda has been of interest to me, but this past year or so, I have realized the importance of this modality for my own growth, as well as that of my students.
Karen is a keen learner and adventurer, and in working with her I have found such comfort and ease and healing through the various treatments she has given me. Always kind, gentle and willing, she listens and perceives and makes suggestions for treatments which each time have been absolutely right for me.
She is highly knowledgeable and has a gift for letting her deep learning inform her in such a way that each treatment is uniquely appropriate for my needs, while she remains in full connection to her own truth and understanding. The result is that when I leave all feel balanced and just right.
We have worked with various Ayurvedic treatment modalities, such as Shirodhara, Basti, and so on, but more than that, she and I have discussed my Vedic astrological chart, which she cast for me. Through those discussions, I have learned a great deal and gained insight into what are positive ways to go forward, and what might just be a wee bit counterproductive 😊
It has been fun, and I am looking forward to future adventures.

Anne Gorsuch, Intuitive Coach

Karen is the best massage and Ayurvedic therapist that I have ever worked with. She is calm, loving, intuitive, professional, and deeply committed to her practice, always bringing new learning to our time together. I trust Karen completely to do and act in ways that further my well-being. Her words and ways of being are as healing as her messages. I always feel much better in both body and soul after seeing Karen.

Azmina Kassam - aromatherapist.

Karen has created a sanctuary of healing modalities that are anchored in the Vedic tradition. Her grasp of this ancient practice, her deeply insightful knowledge of astrology, and her experience as a massage therapist make her an exceptional practitioner. Karen brings in an alchemy of hot stones, therapeutic and medicated oils, a tender, firm intuitive touch that penetrates the layers allowing the body to trust its own process. Her work is deep and personal.
I recommend Karen to anyone who is looking for real transformation and healing. Her treatments are rooted in Vedic knowledge, and a western paradigm that draws from the alchemy of East and West bringing a level of wholeness to her treatments.

Dr. Aaron Hoy
Chiropractor, Vancouver, BC

It is my pleasure to endorse Karen as that special massage practitioner that is my go-to person. She has been treating my patients for well over a decade. I am so fortunate to have a practitioner of this caliber to send my patients to. Karen is well equipped with the academics of massage, an array of techniques, and also grounded in Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. She is a professional in every way, including her office presentation, procedures (history, examination, treatment, recommendations), massage techniques, and communication. When she places her hands on you, the intuitive nature of her approach and depth of pressure all translate her massage into one that restructures and establishes muscle tone while stilling an innate sense of healing as an outcome. When I am on Karen’s massage table, I know that I will be massaged with caring hands on a mission.


Randelle Lusk
Yoga teacher and coach

Karen is magical. Walking into her space for the first time, I immediately felt a sense of care and ease wash over me. Karen is nurturing not only with her massage techniques but also with her presence. I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable on a variety of therapies, as well as intuitive to my needs. I would (and have!) recommend her offerings to anyone looking for something beyond massage.

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