Massage is not a luxury...


Professional Massage

Deep tissue massage and myofascial release are generally used to decrease pain and tension from chronically damaged tissue due to injuries, aging, life and work related stress. Professional massage emphasizes the physical body with an approach to treatment using specific techniques to decrease pain, increase flexibility, and manage stress. The focus is to restore and maintain optimal health for a pain free functioning body. Remedial exercises may be prescribed, after the treatment.

Ayurveda massage

Unlike professional massage, Ayurveda massage takes into consideration that physical ailments can arise from psychic disturbances as such takes into consideration the dosha constitution of a person, which uses warm herbal oils to bring balance to body and mind. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha represent our physiology respectively. Vata is a catabolic activity, Pitta is metabolic, and Kapha anabolic. Because Vata signifies the breaking down component as seen in the aging process, the oils significantly slow down this process because of the calming effect on the nervous system. Ayurveda massage places emphases on palliative, restorative, and rejuvenation health benefits. Diet and lifestyle recommendations on request.


The whole body is treated with warm oils and light touch throughout the entire session to a choreographed sequence, which balances, relaxes, and nourishes the lymphatic, nervous, cardio, and musculoskeletal systems. The oils are gently massaged into the skin stimulating circulation thus prompting a powerful lymphatic drainage effect. Many people have expressed that they were overcome with a deep sense of love, peace, and contentment from the moment the warm oil touched their skin, comparing the experience to a warm hug. The treatment starts with a prayer to Lord Dhanvantari, father of Ayurveda medicine.

Professional/Abhyanga combo

This is a popular treatment that includes professional massage to address physical pain and abhyanga to calm the nervous system and flush the lymphatic system after deep tissue techniques have been applied.

Udvartana - dry powder massage

This massage uses dry herbs such as ginger, sandalwood, and vacha (calamus), which have a scrapping effect similar to exfoliation. This scrapping effect opens pores of the skin, removes body odour, increases stamina, and reduces cellulite and fat under the skin. It’s also beneficial for diabetic people with insulin resistance.


A continuous stream of warm herbal oil is gently poured over the forehead and on the space between the eyebrows, which induces profound relaxation while simultaneously activating a heightened sense of awareness. Shirodhara improves brain function, stabilizes one's mood, aids in stress management, and increases circulation to the central nervous system. Thus it acts as a doorway generating greater access to the limbic system where deep seated stress can cause emotional disturbances and conditioned patterns of behavior. Shirodhara is recommended for mental and physical exhaustion.

Head Massage - mini Shiro

The scalp is massaged with warm oil to calm the mind, prevent headaches, promote sleep, strengthen hair follicles, sharpen sense organs, and strengthen the bones of the skull

The Basties'

Basti means bladder in Sanskrit and refers to internal or external enemas. External basti refers to a vessel, which is usually made from chickpea flour dough and formed into a doughnut shape. This doughnut vessel is then placed over an area on the body where the sides of the vessels are pinched down on the skin sealing the basti. Once the dough is sealed, the basti is filled with warm oil, for an extended period.

Kati Basti

Kati means sacrum. An external application of warm herbal oil is used to bathe the sacrum for up to 45 minutes. The basti is placed over the sacrum that houses the spinal nerves, which makes it good for treating degenerative disc diseases and sciatica. This treatment helps to reduce muscle spasms and lower back rigidity while strengthening bone tissue of the lower back region. It also supports and balances the digestive tract and can aid in releasing deep-seated emotions. Recommended for all lower back pain and digestive disorders.

Janu Basti

Janu means knee. One or two basties are placed over the knees to bathe the knee area with warm oil for 60 minutes. This process is used to treat knee pain, degeneration, and swelling. This treatment is highly recommended for all knee pain.

Nabhi Basti

Nabi refers to the navel. Bathing the navel and abdomen area for an extended period of time helps improve digestion, calms the nerves, and deepens the breath.

Hrid Basti

Hrid refers to the heart. The Basti is placed over the heart and filled with oil. This powerful treatment strengthens the heart and gently supports the release of past emotional traumas.

*Please note that Basti can be performed on any part of the body for therapeutic benefits. The spine, neck, and throat areas are no exceptions.

Karuna Purna

Karuna means “ear” and Purna means “to fill.” Karuna Purna (KP) refers to filling the ear cavities with warm oil for 45 minutes. This treatment is recommended for earaches or pain, tinnitus, wry-neck, and TMJ complications. This treatment has a very calming effect and is highly recommended before travel. KP also strengthens the ear organ. This treatment starts with an upper-body hot stone massage.

*I only use high quality organic and cold-pressed Ayurveda herbal oils.


Hot stone massage

An ancient art brought to light by La Stone Therapy: a form of hot and cold stone massage used to induce relaxation and soften muscle by moving heat through the tissues. Cool stones are used to help decrease swelling from acute injuries or any inflammatory response. I integrate hot stones into all my sessions, combined with Bruder’s three-dimensional approach in which both sides of a client’s body are massaged with the stones simultaneously.

Marma point therapy

Marmaṇi is vulnerable vital energy points located on the surface of the body, which can be accessed for therapeutic purposes to help decrease pain, cleanse, assist in detoxification, and calm the mind and emotions. This treatment involves pressure point therapy and can be received on its own or added to another treatment.


My strongest technique is the intent to heal; I often creatively and intuitively blend techniques from different treatments, thus customizing each session based on my clients' needs and concerns, while drawing from my years of clinical training and experience.

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