Professional massage: $170

Abhyanga: $180

Udvartana: $175

Abhyanga + professional combo: $190

Shirodhara: $150 - includes head and neck massage

Basties: $210 – includes full body massage

Karuna purna: $120 - includes head and neck massage

Marma point therapy: $120

30 minute head massage/mini Shiro: $90

Add ons’

Hammam (steam bath): $40 - includes Kaolin body and face mask for a gentle exfoliation before massage treatments.

Svedana (Ayurveda steam canopy): $30 - recommended after Ayurveda massage treatments.

Infrared medical sauna: $35 - recommended after Abhyanga massage.


Triple Bliss: $340 - abhyanga, shirodhara, and svedana

Basti + svedana: $225

Abhyanga + Shirodhara: $310

Fourth Dimension: $440 - Udvartana, steam, shirodhara, abhyanga/professional massage


All of my treatments use hot stones, quality cold-pressed and organic oils, and marma point therapy. All Basti treatments end with a full-body warm oil massage. Shirodhara commences with a gentle upper body massage. Marma point therapy can be received alone or combined with massage. All sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes except Shirodhara and Karuna purna, which are a minimum of 30 minutes.

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