Vedic Astrology (Jytoish) is mythology, in essence, it’s storytelling. Jyotish sheds much light on the nature of one’s energetics and how and why energy may be blocked, short-circuited, or explosive, which affects our behavior and our health. Jyotish and Āyurveda work well together because the foundations of their principles are based on the axiom, “we are the microcosm of the macrocosm” meaning (“as above so below”). I use clients’ natal charts to design and refine Ayurveda massage plans based on their energetics. Massage plans are nuanced and customized accordingly.

I like to incorporate Jyotish into my work because it starts a conversation about you, as a new or existing client. When you have a better understanding of the complexity of your energy, it brings value to your massage treatments because you, the client, and me, the therapist, gain more insights into your particular energetic pattern, which could be influencing your health in a negative way. This newfound awareness aids in broadening your consciousness, which helps to integrate your breath, body, and mind, deepening your massage healing experience. Jyotish reveals and empowers with an understanding rooted in the relationship with ourselves, others, and our natural environment, which includes the cosmos. I don’t view astrology as a means of prediction, but rather study it for its revelatory insights into our natural relationships.

If you are interested in your mythology, I offer private 90–minute sessions based on Ayurveda and Yoga remedies, for an apprentice fee of $155.

I study Jytoish, at Doctor David Frawleys’ school, The American Institute of Vedic studies.

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